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15th Sept, 2021

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7:30 pm - 10:30 pm IST (Mon - Fri)


10 Months 1000+ hours
(800+ Online Live Sessions &
200+ hours of Self Paced learning)

About Our Mentor

“I’m ready to take responsibility for every single learner who chooses to work & learn under my guidance with dedication. I want to create kings in the market, who will not wander around for jobs but will be offered core positions from Top-Notch Companies globally.”

The World Record Holder Mr. Vimal Daga is a Technologist, Philanthropist & A TEDx Speaker who is dedicatedly working towards his vision- “Making India, Future Ready” by guiding students.

He is the first one in the world to become "RedHat Certified Architect Level 23 along with Enterprise Application Level 9". He has expertise in multitude of latest and high-end technologies namely Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Delphix, AppDynamics, Docker, DevOps, Cloud Computing, AWS, and many more.

ARTH 2021

Evolve around 10+ Technologies under ARTH -
The School of Technologies

INIT - An Outcome of ARTH - The School of Technologies

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Questions and answers for your common queries

Do you have some other questions please get touch with our expert team.

  • What is ARTH 2021?

    ARTH is a Hindi language word अर्थ which means "meaning, significance, intention, aim, substance". Talking about LinuxWorld's Biggest Initiative, "ARTH 2021," is a life-changing 8-10 Months Online Live Technical Program to mould and prepare the technical mindset and skills to get valued as an idol in the IT industry. ARTH 2021 will include everything a pursuing technical student needs to know, from technically sounded mind to logically strong concepts. It is a rigorous program integrating 10+ technologies (the realm of technologies).

  • Who should join ARTH 2021 Program?

    ARTH 2021 is primarily aimed at students who come from diverse backgrounds and different age groups. With ARTH 2021, you can:

    • Upgrade your technical skills to a higher level, implementing the most in-demand technologies in the industry today and in the near future.
    • Convert yourself from just a basic engineer to a highly knowledgeable and skilled engineer of the industry.
    • Get assured about your placements and technical skills regarding high-level technologies after receiving the World Record Holder training, Mr. Vimal Daga.

  • Are there any prerequisites or language requirements?

    There are no prerequisites for ARTH 2021. Our courses are open to students of all backgrounds who are relevant/interested or want to pursue their career in computer science. Everything will be starting from the basic as 0 and to the actual depth of specific technology.

  • How do I contact technical support during my technical journey?

    Once you get registered for ARTH 2021, you will be added to a WhatsApp group with some technical volunteers with different time slots to help you out effectively. Technical volunteers will be there every time to sort out your queries. As well as we have a culture of sharing and openness which we inculcate in each and every participant, and hence our Discord Channel will be of great technical help.

  • How do I interact with the mentor Mr. Vimal Daga ?

    Every day after the session, there will be a Q&A section where students can ask questions on any topic relating to the course. Mr. Vimal Daga Sir is the kind of person who enjoys interacting with the students.

  • How do Someone can register?

    There is an option to "Register for the ARTH 2021" for everyone to register to join the program, and you will be the lucky one to get mentored by World Record Holder Mr. Vimal Daga.

  • I am Registered. Now what?

    You will receive a confirmation email with details on when and how you may attend the live instructor-led training. Check the details. You will also receive links to download the necessary software and materials for the ARTH 2021.

  • How do I access my daily Live Instructor-LED sessions?

    After Registering, you will be added to a WhatsApp group where you will receive daily session links 3 to 4 hours before the session begins.

  • How can ARTH 2021 boost my career path?

    ARTH 2021 is a program designed to ultimately develop a person's career as the industry's most demanded idol engineer, along with a high-level skilled personality.

  • I am a professional. Can I register for ARTH 2021?

    No, you cannot. This course is specifically for ongoing college students only.

  • Will I get a certificate after completion of this course?

    Yes, you will get a training certificate after successful completion of this course. There are some strict rules one must adhere to which will be explained once the course will start.

  • Do we build projects in groups or individual ?

    It's the combination of both.

  • How can I access the study material?

    We will upload the notes and study materials for each session to Google Drive. And will share the drive link with you; from there, you can access the same.

  • How long can I access the study material ? Will it be accessible even after the course ends?

    Yes, You can access the study material for life time.

  • What if I miss any session due to some reason?

    We will provide the session recording to you. You will be required to fill a Google form on the same day you want the recording for. But yes, we adhere to strict norms of not missing more than 15 – 20 sessions in the complete span of 8 months

  • What are the accepted payment methods?

    Debit Card / UPI / Net Banking / Credit Card

  • How many number of hours do I need to spend everyday?

    Approx 3 - 4 hours on daily basis for the live sessions. The sessions will be scheduled in the late evening hours approx. 7:15 pm IST onwards

  • Will I be assisted for placement / any other job opportunities?

    Yes definitely. Refer our INIT platform which is dedicatedly focusing on shaping your technical career and helping you shape the world


What our students says about our
awesome program

""It's a great journey, I achieved some great things that I had not expected from me. It's all possibile because of vimal sir and Preeti mam. Their dedication towards us is something I can't say in words. They did every possible thing they could. From teaching technical things to teaching about some great aspects of life, they did a lot for us☺️. Those pranic healing sessions, nobody do this much in any technical training. Thank you so much sir and ma'am 💌 We trusted you from day 1, and you are keeping our trust till last day, hope after completion of this journey also. We have a special place and respect for vimal sir in our hearts❤️""

Shubhashri Sinha

""No doubt that the ARTH journey will be one of the best Phase of my life 💯. Every one of the ARTH family contributing their best From Vimal Sir and Pretti mam to TV, LSH, Team Leaders. The technologies covered by Sir are Awesome. It turned my technical life from zero➡Hero😎. And I think ARTH is the only one who not only focuses on Technical stuff but also creates Humanity, helping nature, etc social aspects in learners. And one of the best examples of it is THM sessions 🙏😇. ARTH'ians will be always special in Technical Industry and Stand out from Crowd. I will be always thankful to Vimal sir🖤 and Pretti mam🖤 for being in my life . ""

Digvijay Dhananjay Gore

"One of the best things that I came across. Never thought I'd be learning these many technologies. I have really learnt a lot of things in these 7-8months of ARTH, My college mates are totally shocked after seeing my skills, even my college seniors ask me for help in some of their projects. I am really blessed to have joined this life changing journey. Last but not least, Vimal Sir is just GOD for my Technological Journey♥️🙏🏻 I don't know if the course finishes in time or extends, I don't care, All I care is I now have the ability to see things in a different way and can learn new things very Easily. Thanks Vimal Sir, Preeti Mam and the Entire LinuxWorld Team for bringing this awesome Platform🙌"

Charan Vaddepally

Overall arth program is life changing program for me honestly because before arth i really don't know what to do in life and how to do it. But now I'm much confident about my technical skills as well as management skills. I developed a technical sound personality and can interact with anyone with full confidence. I would like to thank preeti mam and vimal sir for adding lot of values and technical skills remotely 😄. And yes vimal sir will always my favorite instructor for whole life time.

Raj Singh

"What to say? Respected Ma'am and beloved sir, I love you and respect you from the bottom of my heart. I was always passionate about IT and CS, but never knew the path to attain information in this huge nexus. ARTH made me realize, find, work and build this path. I sleep no more than 4 hrs in a day, and that's b'cos now I know the path I want to follow. DevOps check, ML/DL check, Cloud check, almost everything I dreamt about was somehow included in ARTH. It has been a wonderful journey. We stand almost at the conclusion of this wonderful journey and with tears in my eyes, gratitude in my heart and a will stronger than ever it was, I thank everyone, I love everyone. I listened to Vimal sir almost daily for more than 8 months, now it will be weird to not listen to him daily anymore. It feels like a family member will be now distant from me. But it is what it is. Life happens. I can't find more words at the moment, which is unusual for me. But yeah, thank you, and maybe I will write more at the last day of ARTH. Who knows?"

Pranav Walia

It was an amazing journey till now, got to learn many new things under the mentorship of World Record Holder Mr. Vimal Daga sir, More in technology and Life, This journey helped me to be spiritually happy and made me more keener to learn new things whether it would be any of the fields. As a bonus gift from Vimal Daga sir and Preeti Chandak mam I got is "Learning and Working for others should never be stopped, This is what makes an individual a great personality". My life is completely changed compared to what I was before. I want to convey a big thanks to Vimal Daga sir ,Preeti Chandak mam ,LinuxWorld Informatics, ARTH - The School of Technologies and my entire Arthian fam for all the support and making my everyday and amazing day. Thankyou all

Prasant Kumar Mahato

ARTH has been one of the best thing happened to me in my life. The way Vimal Sir teaches and the support by Preeti Mam helped us to go far. I never ever thought i would get this level of knowledge as i m getting in this Program. ARTH is not only the program but emotion and family to me. I want to thank Vimal Sir, Preeti Mam and all the members of ARTH program for their guidance and support because each and everyone had supported in some way. I m very proud be a ARTH Learner❤

Ritika Ahuja
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